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Eyewitness Newsreel Challenge 
A VCR Game



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Don’t throw out your VCR machines just yet - those DVD players haven’t taken over the world completely!! Now you have one more reason to use your VCR player – this game!

 "Eyewitness" is a game where once you put in the video your challenges will begin, it combines the enjoyment of VCR viewing with the competitiveness of a game- and it’s great fun with any size group!
Here’s how you play it – as an "eyewitness" you’ll watch newsreel clips from yesteryear, clips that are always interesting and often hilarious. Take good reporter’s notes, because when each one-minute clip is over, you and your teammates must create questions about what you’ve just seen and heard.
For example: "What number did you see on Babe Ruth’s football jersey?" Or "Did you catch the name of the canary who bicycled through Central Park?" If you stump the opposing team, or answer their questions correctly, you team will move ahead on the scoreboard! There are over 100 vintage clips in 15 different categories, from Hollywood to History, from Daredevils to Disasters, from Inventions to Industry. And each of the clips can be played again and again, because the players make up the questions!!! The first team, or player, to move their peg to the end of the scoreboard wins!

The contents of the game are: 1 video cassette tape with over 100 different newsreel clips, 1 scoreboard, 3 scoreboard pegs, instructions, and 5 "Eyewitness" note pads. It is for 2 or more players, ages: 8 to Adult! 1985 Parker Brothers, Division of Kenner Parker Toys, Inc. Made in U.S.A. The game is in excellent condition, and the VCR tape is like ‘new’! This game tests your memory ability and your quick creativity skills, plus you are guaranteed hours of fun and laughter! So, gather your family, and friends, pop that popcorn, and pop in the video and begin your ‘News-Scooping’ challenges!!

Eyewitness Newsreel Challenge game

Eyewitness Newsreel Challenge game contents

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