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1956 CLUE game - the famous Parker Brothers Detective game


4 lbs
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This is Parker Brothers 1956 version of Clue the detective game.
‘CLUE’, has been a favorite of many generations of "detectives".
You’ve arrived at the mansion of Mr. Boddy to attend a dinner party – but Mr. Boddy has been murdered! The player’s goal is to gather every clue, and by eliminating suspects, rooms, and weapons in your notebook, you can make "suggestions" as to who the killer might be. Finally by narrowing down suspects you’ve come to the one suspect to make your "accusation".

Game is 100% complete and includes the playing board, 6 wood tokens, 1 die, and 6 miniature weapons, 21 Clue cards with storage sleeve, and a some of the detective "notepads" to aid in your investigation, plus instructions.
The box is in good condition. There is shelf wear  to the edges and one corner was spit and has noticeable wear. Splt was repaired so box is nice and sturdy. (See photo's below)

Included are reprints of the of the detective "notepads"

1956 CLUE game

1956 CLUE game contents

1956 CLUE game contents close-up

1956 CLUE game contents boxed

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