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3 Vintage Cedar Point Souvenir Felt Pennants


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This is 3 Vintage Cedar Point Souvenir Felt Pennants.
The first is from 1987 and has Gemini, Giant Ferris Wheel, Demon Drop, Blue Streak Cork Screw and Iron Dragon which opened in 1987 on it.
It's 11 1/2" wide 29" long, 33 if you measure from the tabs. It's in great condition.

The second is from 1965 the year the Space Spiral opened.
It's 27" long by 9" wide but is missing the tabs and has thumbtack holes on the edge.
Note: Space Spiral was demolished in the Fall of 2012 to make way for Cedar Point's newest ride Gatekeeper.  See the Space Spiral Demolition Video Here

The third is 25" long  28" if you measure from the tabs and 8" wide.
It's also in great condition. This one is a bit unique. it only has 1 tab on each end (made that way)
but the edge next to the tabs has 6 small slits that looks to me where you would place a stick so it can be waved like a flag. They each have a thumbtack hole.
Guessing this is from the Mid 1960's. It has the Space Spiral on it as well as the Blue Streak, The Train, Antique Cars, Paddle Wheel boats, but none of the Roller Coaster rides Starting with the Mine Ride opened in in 1969 that made the park famous.

They are stored flat but will be shipped loosely rolled in a sturdy box.
Local Metro Detroit are Pickup also available.


this is a previously owned product.  Any flaws or defects are noted in item description.


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